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Message  IncredibleEarnings le Mer 29 Mar - 23:32

I'm not the admin! Smile

Start: 29/03/2017

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About: is the first hybrid system accommodating the functions of a social financial network and an investment instrument in full.
The system allows people to organize centralized storage and distributed access to the common resources. Each participant can lodge any amount into the system. And when they need money for themselves, they can take as much as it is necessary from the system. Of course, within the limits of the regulations established in the community.

This is an incredibly efficient and logical model of interaction. It allows for putting a huge resource to work, which is not used in any way in everyday life. This resource is the available funds.

How does this work?
First of all, the working capacity and stability of such a system is preserved thanks to the savvy algorithm providing access to the common resources. At any particular moment of time, the participant cannot take more money from the system than the amount available to them according to the rules established in the community.

In so doing, the participant can only withdraw the percentage of profit, and the deposit lodged always remains in the system. This allows for predicting withdrawals with high accuracy, and for taking timely measures to increase the inflow of funds.

Secondly, it is profitable for each participant to lodge maximum funds into the system, and to take exactly as much as they really need. And it is not a matter of principles or morals, but of plain personal profit. The more funds one has lodged, and the longer they do not withdraw the profit, the greater their daily income is. This is the reason for using the compound interest method in the system (capitalization of interest, accrual of interest on interest).

There can be different attitudes to such a method of profit accrual, but without bias, it is the only way to create such conditions where it would be profitable for each person to take exactly as much from the system as they really need.

2.87% daily lifetime

Referral Commission:
5% - 2% - 1%

Payment Processors:
Bitcoin, AdvCash

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